Sunday, August 5, 2012

coffee colors

How have I not talked about this dress yet? It's amazing! It's lovingly handmade by a local designer/blogger from my town, Velvet Bird, who you need to go check out if you haven't already. Seriously.

I'm wearing it with my new Dear Creatures x Melie Bianco bag. I actually never realized how large it was until I saw it in person! It's a lot bigger than what I'm used to, but it'd be perfect for school.. if I was still in school.. #aftergradlife. Anyway, didn't realize this outfit was so matchy matchy, but I'm okay with it. Ps, it's 100* IN PDX! Too hot.

Velvet Bird Dress, Dear Creatures x Melie Bianco Bag, Rachel Comey Shoes


  1. Ahh so pretty!! I need that bag too, but it's sooo expensive!

  2. Enimie! I got it for a deal at $45, but still quite spendy. The quality is amazing though, love that about DC/Melie!

  3. Stop posting such amazing dresses, you're killing me! ;) Seriously, this is adorable. Thanks so much for turning me onto The Velvet Bird, I love it. And I've been staring this DC x Melie Bianco bag forever, it's gorgeous.

  4. You look absolutely love in this dress!

  5. I desperately need the Veldt dress. I actually found them through you! NW love!

    1. You need it, Shannon! You'd look so cute in it. <3

  6. wow you look gorgeous! would you like to follow each other?