Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter bunday!

Pinks, lavenders, bunnies, (and bunny cats) for easter!

Wearing my favorite things! Lauren Moffatt coat, Dear Creatures dress, XXI heart tights, Payless oxfords.

So I might still have my Valentine's banner up:)
Lastly, here's an instagram of my nails! They accidentally matched my dress & coat!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wishlist time!

Dear Creatures heaven: Sweet Valley Dress, Tear Drop Dress, & Dainty Dress
Bottom row: Royal Embroidery Dress, Tulle Dress, Cowl Me Dress

I love making wishlists. They are some of my favorite things to blog, and they really help me plan and organize what I want to buy in the upcoming months. The best part about wishlists is it's so rewarding when you finally get the item because you know you've really wanted it (especially when it's on sale!). The downside is you will most likely be thinking about these items all the time, & will end up with a severe shopping problem (like yours truly).

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A fancay-er blog!

New blog new blog new blog! I'm so excited! I've been pretty cozy on Tumblr for a while, but.... with my lack of a social life combined with encouraging words from readers&friends, I've decided to bring it on here to blogspot!

Hopefully I'll be able to post some outfit posts along with cute'n'fun things like dresses I want, dresses I bought, sweet treats, zooey things, nautical things, kitties & more kitties, and did I say dresses? Basically my existing Tumblr in a more organized way + more outfit posts. Yay!

Here's a photo of a cozy kitz: