Friday, July 20, 2012

Back to Pastels!

Aw, man! I was totally on a roll with outfit blogging but then it came to a halt! But I managed to quickly snap these photos this evening with my sleepy kitty. Funny how bright these photos look for being taken at 7.30!

Anyway! I haven't really been into pastels for about a year or so. I used to pretty much wear them all the time, but then I somehow grew tired of it. But now I'm back, and I looove it!

I'm wearing a pastel checkered dress from ASOS (Super deal for $28) and a minty belt from F21. Excuse my disheveled hair.. I play with my hair SO MUCH when I'm writing! (for work). It's such a strange habit.

ALSO, the Dear Creatures sample sale is tomorrow and I cannnnn't wait! I even had dreams about it last night.. is that weird? It's not weird.


  1. this dress is the prettiest thing ever... and I've seen what you snagged at the DC sale on tumblr :) awesome!

  2. Ah, you and your blog are so adorable, I'm so happy I just came across it! Very jealous about the Dear Creatures sample sale, I couldn't find anyone to go with me :(

  3. Aw, thanks girls!
    So excited about those DC pieces!

    @Elana, you definitely should have gone! I love shopping alone :) Next time!!

  4. What a gorgeous dress! And a great deal indeed:D
    Love your cat too!

    And that's not weird. I've had numerous dreams about having to try on Doc Martens before buying a pair in real life haha;)