Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Ahhh I'm obsessed! This dress is a party of a lot of the things I love- peter pan collars, coral, & sparklies! It also happens to be very special to me since it was gifted by my Tyler as a birthday present! Too sweet. I've paired with the beauuutiful RACHEL COMEY'S (scroll for story).

Kits guest stars!

Just look at that collar!

Okay so the story! These are infamously worn by the fanciest & fancay-est Fancy Treehouse (who I have also dubbed as Queen of Comeys!). I've always admired them but knew there was NO WAY I'd ever be able to afford them. Then one day, my greatest girl, Jess found them for the most amaazzzing price ever! I, of course, could not resist. As a first time Comey owner, I have to say they are made of wonderful quality & are actually really comfortable for their height. Win win win!

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  1. the dress is so cute! especially with the cat accessory :D those shoes are really unique and interesting too! i'm glad you were able to score them for a great price, there is nothing better than finding what you are looking for at an amazing steal


  2. those shoes are so cute and so are you! i live vicariously through your dress collection. loveee it.

  3. You, this dress, and your kitty are super adorable! <3

  4. It's so pretttyyy! I love the dress. :)

  5. You look absolutely beautiful! I really like the blue dress you've got hanging up, too! :)